Hayley Atwell will return as Agent Carter – but not as you know her

Peggy is back in action


The cancellation of period Marvel TV series Agent Carter was a disappointment for many, with Hayley Atwell’s 1940s spy adventures (spun off from her role as Peggy Carter in the first Captain America film) taken off the air after just two series last year.


However, it now turns out that Atwell will be back in the role sooner than anyone expected. No, it’s not another series or Peggy’s own movie – Atwell is set to reprise her part in Avengers cartoon Avengers Assemble, the new series of which is called Avengers: Secret Wars.

As revealed at a panel at New York Comic-con this weekend, the episode’s storyline will revolve around Peggy teaming up with Captain America and Iron Man to stop time-travelling baddie Kang the Conqueror, with Howard Stark also along the ride – though apparently Dominic Cooper probably WON’T be back to reprise his own role as Tony Stark’s late father. None of James D’Arcy’s Jarvis (below right), either.


Still, chin up Agent Carter fans – at this point, we’ll take whatever return of Peggy we can get. And who knows? Considering the interest Atwell clearly still has in the role, there could be hope for that solo movie yet.