Hayley Atwell is “100%” up for making another series of Agent Carter

The ABC show was cancelled after two series but more than 100,000 have signed a petition calling for a Netflix revival


Series are cancelled all the time. Some get a nonchalant shrug from viewers, others elicit an enormous outpour of support as desperate fans campaign to reinstate their favourite show.


Agent Carter – which was cancelled this month after two series – falls firmly into the latter category, with an online petition urging Netflix to pick up the series currently standing at over 113,000 signatures.

There’s no word yet on whether the streaming service is even in discussions for a revival – in the past they’ve rescued the likes of Longmire and The Killing – but, should a network be willing, star Hayley Atwell is more than keen to continue the story.

Asked at MegaCon, Orlando over the weekend whether she’d be interested in revisiting the series on Netflix, Atwell replied: “Yes, 100%. I love Peggy. I love the people working on this project. A privilege and an honour to bring her back to the fans.”


It’s certainly what fans want to hear, but Atwell’s schedule is looking rather busy of late with her brand new show Conviction which ABC recently gave a series order. Will she even have time to step back into Peggy Carter’s shoes?