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Girlfriends: Is Linda hiding something about Micky’s death?

The end of episode two saw the police come knocking at Linda’s door – could she have pushed her husband overboard?

Published: Wednesday, 10th January 2018 at 10:00 pm

The police dropped a huge bombshell at the end of Girlfriends episode two: arresting Linda on suspicion of murdering her husband Micky.


What seemed like a tragic accident on the cruise ship with Micky losing his balance and falling overboard could now potentially be something far more sinister, and it’s all thanks to the accusations made by the mysterious Carole Hardcastle.

At the start of the episode, two detectives came knocking at Linda’s door, and she assumed it meant Micky’s body had finally been found. However, they were actually there to search the house, because new information had come to light surrounding the circumstances of Micky’s death.

Girlfriends (ITV, EH)

The police revealed to Linda that Carole had been on the phone to Micky at his approximate time of death, as proved by an itemised phone bill. They proceeded to search Linda’s house, taking away laptops and computers and asking if Micky had a second phone, which Linda – in total disbelief that there could have been an illicit affair – thought was “crackers”.

“I’ve got nothing to hide,” she said, giving them full access to search her home. Later, she cried to her daughter, wondering whether Micky could have possibly betrayed her: “I thought he loved me. I though we were alright.”

This turn of events prompted Gail and Sue to march over to Carole’s second-hand clothes shop and confront the woman.

Girlfriends (ITV, EH)

When the Girlfriends gave out to Carole for storming up to Linda’s house after the funeral, Carole retorted: “It’s me that’s grieving. Your friend killed the man I loved!”

As Gail and Sue looked on in shock, Carole explained: “We’ve been having an affair for years. I met him at The Grove. His band would play there on a Friday night and sometimes I’d sing with them.

“He was on his mobile to me telling me he was going to leave her when they got back from the cruise. And then he called out her name like he’d just seen her – and then the phone went dead.”

The Girlfriends couldn’t believe what they were hearing, and said as much. But Carole insisted that she had the whole thing recorded on her phone and that she’d passed it on to the police.

Carole also told Gail and Sue that Linda took out extra life insurance on Micky, an accusation that did not sit comfortably with either of them. When Linda told them later that the police had taken her passport so she couldn’t leave the country, they only grew more concerned.

Girlfriends (ITV, EH)

The trio then went on a spa day for Sue’s birthday, where Linda revealed she was really pushed for cash and that she badly needed Micky’s life insurance payout.

Later, after some indiscreet questioning from Gail, Linda said that it was Micky who’d taken out the life insurance – not her. Linda clocked onto the fact that Gail was suspicious of her and, on discovering her friends had gone to speak with Carole, kicked Gail out of her house.

But before Gail could get very far, the police returned to arrest Linda on suspicion of Micky’s murder.

We’ll have to wait until next week to discover more about the circumstances surrounding Micky’s death: did he really fall? Or was it suicide… or murder?


Girlfriends continues on Wednesday 17th January at 9pm on ITV


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