Game of Thrones cast hit the series six red carpet – but where is Jon Snow?

There was no sign of actor Kit Harington at the Los Angeles premiere...


It’s only a matter of weeks until the debut of Game of Thrones series six, but some people have already seen it – namely, the cast and other guests at the star-studded season premiere last night, which took place in sunny LA.


You can see the boys and girls of Westeros in all their finery below, though there’s one notable omission – Jon Snow actor Kit Harington, who’s still been saying his character’s dead despite all evidence to the contrary.

Still, fans probably shouldn’t take his absence as too much of a sign, with Harington busy playing Doctor Faustus in London’s West End. Though if any journalists were hoping to glean information on his fate from on-screen sister Maisie Williams, it sounds like they were out of luck (unless they had a secret stash of fried chicken).


Game of Thrones returns on 24th April on HBO and Sky Atlantic