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Game of Thrones author George RR Martin on Trump win: "Winter is coming. I told you so"

Martin posted a dire warning about America's future under President Donald Trump

Published: Thursday, 10th November 2016 at 8:07 am

Are there parallels between the election of President Donald Trump and brutal fantasy series Game of Thrones? George RR Martin seems to think so.


In a personal blog posted from the "slough of despond", titled "President Pussygrabber", the Game of Thrones author warns: "Winter is coming. I told you so."

"Winter is coming" is the motto of Westeros' Lords of the North, the Starks, in the fantasy novels and drama series. The Starks must always be prepared for the coming of winter, which lasts for years and hits their lands the hardest.

Martin's bleak words are displayed alongside an image of the upside-down American flag, which is a signal of dire distress and national emergency.


"There are really no words for how I feel this morning," he writes. "America has spoken. I really thought we were better than this. Guess not.

"Trump was the least qualified candidate ever nominated by a major party for the presidency. Come January, he will become the worst president in American history, and a dangerously unstable player on the world stage.

"And the decimated Democrats, a minority in both House and Senate, do not have the power to hinder him."

There are no words of optimism from Martin, who adds: "Over the next four years, our problems are going to get much, much worse."


Brace yourself... winter is coming.


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