Disney Plus has released first-look images of its reboot of The Full Monty, with Cobra's Robert Carlyle reprising his role as Gaz.


The 1996 comedy, which won the BAFTA Award for Best Film the following year, saw a group of unemployed steel workers decide to form a male striptease act in order to make some money.

The Disney Plus follow-up will see the cast – including Mark Addy and Paul Barber – reprise their roles more than 25 years later, following the "original band of brothers as they navigate the post-industrial city of Sheffield" and "society's crumbling healthcare, education and employment sectors".

Full Monty
Full Monty Disney

In a first-look image, which can be exclusively revealed by RadioTimes.com, Carlyle is seen in character as Gaz, standing in Sheffield's Tudor Square whilst covered in pigeons.

Speaking to Radio Times magazine, the 62-year-old said: "Jesus, man, it's beautiful. The Full Monty was Sheffield's gift to the world. It was fantastic to be back there."

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As for what the spin-off show will be about, creator Simon Beaufoy said that it "isn't trying to mimic the original".

"I'm no fan of sequels," he told the magazine. "It's coming through a different gateway into their lives, when they've got children grandchildren.

"The original movie came out of anger at what was happening to the country – the post-industrial hollowing out of those big northern cities. It occurred to me I was feeling the same fury again, but it's arguably worse because it's invisible."

Mark Addy is set to return as Dave Horsefall and Paul Barber will be playing Barrington 'Horse' Mitchell once again, while Lesley Sharp (Jean), Hugo Speer (Guy), Steve Huison (Lomper), Wim Snape (Nathan) and Tom Wilkinson (Gerald) will be reprising their roles for the show.

In other pictures, released today by Disney, we see Barber as Horse riding his mobility scooter on the motorway, as well as Wim Snape as a grown-up Nathan.

Wim Snape
Wim Snape Disney

Disney announced the project back in March last year, with the series exploring "the brighter, sillier and more humane way forward where communal effort can still triumph over adversity".

The show is also set to introduce the original character's children and grandchildren, welcoming a new cast into the Full Monty universe, while Beaufoy has written the series with Trust's Alice Nutter.

The Full Monty series will be arriving on Disney Plus in June. Sign up to Disney Plus now for £7.99 per month or £79.90 for a full year.

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