For TV fans in the UK, the fact that Gavin and Stacey is set in Billericay and Barry or that Happy Valley is found in West Yorkshire is an important part of the show. And knowing that Peaky Blinders is based in Birmingham and Sherlock in Marylebone is crucial stuff.


But how do Americans – who are fans of these series but might have less knowledge of UK geography – get their heads around where they're set?

Well, now there's this.

American designer Tim Ritz has mapped out the on-screen locations of some of the best TV shows set in the UK and Ireland, in an incredibly detailed new graphic.


The self-professed “anglophile”, who lives in Washington, said the idea came to him when he was watching an episode of 1940s drama Foyle’s War with his wife Kolleen and she asked: “Where exactly in England is Hastings anyway?”

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As well as locating The Office in Slough, Poldark in Cornwall, and Pride and Prejudice in Derbyshire, he's also added some of the filming locations for shows like Doctor Who, which is, of course, set in All Of Time And Space – but is mostly shot in Cardiff...


There's also a separate section for shows set in Greater London, like Call the Midwife, Luther and The Thick of It.


Click here for a larger version of the genius map, and to find out how to get your hands on a copy of your very own.