When is Followers season 2 out on Netflix? Release date, cast, trailer and more for Japanese drama

The first season of Mika Ninagawa's series is streaming now

Followers - Netflix

Followers is the first drama series directed by Japanese filmmaker and photographer Mika Ninagawa (Diner, No Longer Human).


The first nine episodes are streaming now on Netflix, but what does the future hold for Limi (Miki Nakatani) and Natsume (Elaiza Ikeda) beyond that?

Here’s all the essential info about a possible second season of Followers.

Followers season 2 release date: When is it out on Netflix?

Netflix is yet to officially give Followers the green light for season two, but there’s no reason to start fearing for the future of the show just yet.

Cindy Holland – VP of Content Acquisition – has said that while Netflix “absolutely” checks the overnight performance of its shows, she and her colleagues wait for 28 days until deciding whether a show has reached its targets.

This means that the very earliest we could expect news on a renewal for Followers would be late March – the first season of Followers was filmed from March to July in 2019, so season two would be filming later in the year.

However, with a four-month shooting period, it’s still feasible that season two could be ready by early 2021.

Followers season 2 cast: Who is returning?

At this early stage, it’s safe to assume that all of Followers’ main cast will be back for season two, including…

  • Miki Nakatani (playing Limi Nara)
  • Elaiza Ikeda (Natsume Hyakuta)
  • Nobuaki Kaneko (Yuruco)
  • Mari Natsuki (Eriko)
  • Yuka Itaya (Akane)
  • KOM_I (Sunny)
  • Yutaro (Nori)
  • Shuhei Uesugi (Hiraku)

Is there a trailer for Followers season 2?

Not yet, but you can watch the trailer for the first season – featuring director’s Ninagawa’s trademark dreamlike aesthetic and vivid colours – below.

What is Followers on Netflix about?

For the initiated, Followers charts the stories of Limi Nara, a famous fashion photographer, and the aspiring actress Natsume Hyakuta, with the former’s independence and confident outlook on life contrasting with the latter’s struggle for self-confidence.

Followers - Netflix

Natsume’s life is changed forever when Limi posts a candid photo of her on Instagram, instantly propelling her to fame. Their lives intersect, as both search for love and happiness while, according to the official Netflix synopsis, fighting “to maintain relevance and social currency while following their hearts, dreams and social media accounts”.

Followers also explores Limi’s relationships with her her manager Yuruco, entrepreneur Eriko and popular YouTuber Hiraku.


It is the first ongoing drama series directed by Nika Ninagawa, known for her cinematic efforts Sakuran (2007), Helter Skelter (2012), Diner (2019) and Ningen Shikkaku/No Longer Human (2019).