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"I need a lie down": Viewers are freaking out over THAT Fleabag kiss

Fans have dubbed it "possibly the sexiest screen kiss"

Fleabag series two, BBC Press Centre
Published: Tuesday, 26th March 2019 at 8:01 pm

*Warning: spoilers ahead for Fleabag season two episode four*


Fleabag's sinfully good second season has centred on our eponymous anti-heroine's lustful, forbidden feelings for The Priest (played by Sherlock's Andrew Scott) — and his apparently reciprocal feelings for her.

After almost four episodes of sexually-charged verbal sparring and will-they-won't-they, we finally saw the pair get it on — right outside a church confessional, no less, with Fleabag struggling to remove The Priest's vestments ("Is this a skirt and trousers?").

However, Scott's character freaked out at the last minute after a painting fell down inside the church, in a nod to the series opener (after Fleabag confirmed she was an atheist in episode one, a picture fell down with The Priest smugly referring to it as a sign from God).

In the end, both Fleabag and viewers were left hanging.

After the kiss, viewers immediately took to social media to, well, freak out. "I need a lie down," Derry Girls creator Lisa McGee posted on Twitter.

"Possibly the sexiest screen kiss in...forever," said one viewer.

"Oh, the kiss. The sense of satisfaction, excitement and relief but also betrayal and disappointment. We wanted it to happen and didn't," another viewer wrote.

"Andrew Scott saying 'kneel' in fleabag tonight is my new sexuality... my god. I thought my moriarty crush couldn’t be topped but, hello father," one fan posted on Twitter.

Referring to the fallen painting gag, another viewer wrote: "Only could throw up a hilarious visual throwaway gag in the first episode that works on its own, but then three episodes later pay the gag off in the most fantastic way."


Fleabag airs Mondays at 10.35pm on BBC1


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