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Everything I Know About Love ending explained: Did Maggie and Birdy reunite?

The seven-part BBC One and iPlayer adaptation ended on a cliffhanger. **SPOILERS AHEAD**

Everything I Know About Love
Published: Thursday, 9th June 2022 at 4:28 pm
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BBC One comedy-drama Everything I Know About Love followed the wild-girl antics of protagonist Maggie, and as the series went on, her determination to live life to its limits increasingly caused rifts with the people close to her - in particular her childhood best friend, Birdy.


However, the seven-part series ended on a surprisingly sombre moment, after a trip to New York taught Maggie (Emma Appleton) about the importance of being vulnerable - and that, far from a grand epic romance, what she really needed was a quiet, uncomplicated love, just like the one she shared with Birdy (Bel Powley).

Read on for everything you need to know about the ending of Everything I Know About Love.

What happened at the end of Everything I Know About Love?

The seven-part finale began with Maggie deciding to extend her work trip to New York for a few days (all very meta, given that she was in New York to film the season finale of the hit TV show she works on).

Maggie was already struggling with Birdy's decision to move out and live with her boyfriend Nathan ("I feel like you're breaking up with me," Maggie told her over the phone), and the isolation of the big city coupled with a series of mishaps - she lost her passport and broke her phone - meant that she was lonelier than ever.

She joined a dating app, and hooked up with a French guy - only for him to try to force her to have sex with his housemate instead while he watched.

Just when it seemed there was no salvaging her week in New York, Maggie met Patrick (played by Cameron Cuffe), an American with whom she shared an amazing 48-hours.

Patrick had recently suffered a break-up and he ended up asking Maggie about her own "break-up" with Birdy, allowing her to share her hurt feelings and talk about all the things she loves most about her best friend.

Everything I Know About Love
Maggie returns home from New York in the Everything I Know About Love finale BBC

When it came time for Patrick and Maggie to part ways, he told her he loved her and that she should stay in New York - but she decided to choose "reality" instead.

Maggie's mother met her at the airport, and on the way home for Christmas, they stopped at Maggie's house in London, where she sat alone in Birdy's now-empty bedroom.

The series ended on a cliffhanger, with the rift between Maggie and Birdy still not resolved - although both series creator Dolly Alderton and the Everything I Know About Love cast have already shared their hopes for a second season.

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