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Shaun Evans: Endeavour will explain why Fred isn’t in Inspector Morse

Endeavour could be "coming towards" the end of Endeavour Morse and Fred Thursday's friendship...

Published: Sunday, 9th February 2020 at 8:05 pm

Inspector Morse prequel series Endeavour may be named after the scholarly young Morse (Shaun Evans), but at the heart of the detective drama is his relationship with his friend, colleague and mentor, Fred Thursday (Roger Allam).


However, it looks like the unlikely buddy-cop alliance is coming to an end, after Shaun Evans teased that tensions may hit breaking point between the two during the upcoming series seven.

Speaking to, Evans explained that the new series would reveal why Fred isn't mentioned in the original drama series Inspector Morse (starring John Thaw) or in author Colin Dexter's book series of the same name — potentially spelling a major fall-out between the two detectives.

"In the books, and then in the later series, Thursday's never mentioned, obviously he's an invention [for Endeavour]. So we have to make a decision as to why that is. So we're coming towards that now," Evans said.

Asked about the rising conflict between the Fred and Endeavour, he added: "It's more interesting I think when there is a bit of conflict there, you know."

In the seventh series' first episode (directed by Evans), Endeavour returns from holiday and is asked to reexamine a recent case overseen by Fred — and the pair have vastly different views on how to handle it.

"It's about different ways of doing the same thing in a way," Evans said. "And my character saying, 'Yeah but that [how Fred handled the case] was shoddy, what you did there was shoddy', so he's just calling him on it really. Alright, he might be stitching him up a little bit, but..."


Endeavour series seven will premiere on ITV at 8pm on Sunday 9th February


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