Karen Gillan has opened up about reuniting with her former Doctor Who collaborators for new ITV series Douglas Is Cancelled.


The series, which begins on Thursday 27th June at 9pm on ITV1 and ITVX, will see Gillan as Madeline and Hugh Bonneville as Douglas, with the latter going viral and, of course, being cancelled after making an ill-advised joke at a wedding, and the former having the chance to help him or ruin his career.

Written by Steven Moffat and starring Ben Miles, Alex Kingston, Nick Mohammed and Simon Russell Beale, Gillan admitted it felt like she was "coming home" when it came to working on the series.

"It felt really comforting and familiar. Starting a new job is always terrifying, but it was so nice to have the comfort of thinking, 'These are people that I love. So they're not going to let me be terrible in it,'" she said.

"Working with Alex [Kingston] is my absolute favourite just because she's got such a fun vibe on set. My favourite thing is just to ask her to tell a story about her life, because you're always going to get something wonderful. She's the gift that keeps on giving in terms of anecdotes.

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"She's amazing because she's done so much, but also because she's worked with so many incredible people. Alex is such a life force. She has definitely got that aura about her. Then, on top of that, she is also an incredibly talented actress. She's just got such power to her."

Kingston and Gillan previously worked together Doctor Who, when Kingston reprised her role as Professor River Song, and appeared alongside Matt Smith and Peter Capaldi's Doctors.

Kingston, who stars as newspaper editor Sheila and also wife to Douglas, echoed Gillan's sentiment, saying that it was "great" being able to spend time with each other.

She said: "It was very funny because she played my mother in Doctor Who. So it was really lovely to do something different with Karen, and for us both to explore this new relationship together."

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Douglas Is Cancelled will air on ITV1 and ITVX on Thursday 27th June 2024.


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