Chicago Fire is back for season 12, with fans excited to see what the next chapter has in store for the show's heroic group of firefighters, paramedics and emergency workers.


There is no shortage of familiar faces going into the latest episodes, with both Jesse Spencer and Taylor Kinney back as leading lieutenants Matthew Casey and Kelly Severide respectively.

You can also expect to meet some new faces, including Rome Flynn as amateur boxer Jake Gibson, who might just find the chance for a fresh start within the walls of Firehouse 51.

Speaking of the season 12 premiere, showrunner Andrea Newman told Variety: "There’s a lot going on and it really jumps out with a bang, literally. It’s quite a rollercoaster ride.

"All of these actors who have been waiting to jump back in and just bring it with everything they have, they’ve been at the top of their game. It’s a great episode and lots of emotion."

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Fans are waiting with bated breath to find out what the episodes have in store – from deaths and farewells to romance and heartbreak – with this page designed to remind you of the key Chicago Fire cast and characters.

Chicago Fire: Current list of actors and characters

The cast of Chicago Fire is always evolving as characters come and go from the main cast with each action-packed season, to say nothing of the large number of recurring members.

Here's a quick overview of the key players in Chicago Fire season 12. Scroll on to find out more about each individual character and the actor who plays them.

  • Jesse Spencer as Lieutenant Matthew Casey
  • Taylor Kinney as Lieutenant Kelly Severide (returning in season 12)
  • David Eigenberg as Senior Firefighter Christopher Herrmann
  • Eamonn Walker as Battalion Chief Wallace Boden
  • Christian Stolte as Senior Firefighter Randall "Mouch" McHolland
  • Joe Minoso as Firefighter Joe Cruz
  • Kara Killmer as Paramedic Sylvie Brett
  • Miranda Rae Mayo as Firefighter Stella Kidd
  • Daniel Kyri as Firefighter Candidate Darren Ritter
  • Hanako Greensmith as Paramedic Violet Mikami
  • Alberto Rosende as Firefighter Candidate Blake Gallo (leaving in season 12)

Jesse Spencer plays Lieutenant Matthew Casey

Jesse Spencer in Chicago Fire
Jesse Spencer as Matthew Casey Adrian Burrows/NBC

Who is Matthew Casey? Matthew is a former leader of Firehouse 51, who stepped down from his position to relocate to Oregon. However, he returned towards the end of season 11 and appears to be sticking around after that proposal to his colleague and longtime love interest, Sylvie.

What else has Jesse Spencer been in? Spencer is probably best known for playing Robert Chase on the smash-hit medical drama House and Billy Kennedy on the Australian soap opera Neighbours.

Taylor Kinney plays Lieutenant Kelly Severide

Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire in firefighter uniform with others in the background
Taylor Kinney as Kelly Severide in Chicago Fire. NBC

Who is Kelly Severide? Kelly has been at the centre of Chicago Fire from the very beginning. He is the leader of Rescue Squad 3, who has recently ditched his bachelor lifestyle for a committed relationship with colleague, Stella Kidd, who he married at the end of season 10. After a brief absence (for personal reasons of actor Taylor Kinney), the character is back for season 12.

What else has Taylor Kinney been in? Prior to Chicago Fire, Kinney had played Mason Lockwood in The Vampire Diaries and Jared in Zero Dark Thirty.

David Eigenberg plays Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann

David Eigenberg stars in Chicago Fire wearing a brown chequered shirt
David Eigenberg stars in Chicago Fire. SEAC

Who is Lieutenant Christopher Herrmann? Husband and father of five Herrmann is one of the senior fire fighters, and a father figure to the team. He part owns – with Gabby and Otis (who died in season 8) – a bar called Molly’s, which is a hangout for local cops, medics and fire fighters.

What else has David Eigenberg been in? David is, of course, best known for his role as Miranda’s husband Steve in Sex and the City, a role he reprised in the two SATC movies and the sequel series And Just Like That. He’s also the voice of grey tabby Nermal in Garfield: The Movie, and has appeared in episodes of all of the other One Chicago series.

Joe Minoso plays Joe Cruz

Joe Minoso as Joe Cruz in Chicago Fire, wearing his uniform, stood talking to someone with a concerned expression on his face
Joe Minoso plays Joe Cruz in Chicago Fire. NBC Universal

Who is Joe Cruz? Fire fighter Joe grew up trying to keep his younger brother out of trouble, but now he is more focused on his wife Chloe and their young son.

What else has Joe Minoso been in? A former theatre actor from Chicago, Joe had minor roles in Superman movie Man Of Steel and the TV series Prison Break, Get Shorty and Boss before he won the role of Joe in Chicago Fire.

Miranda Rae Mayo plays Lieutenant Stella Kidd

Miranda Rae Mayo plays Lieutenant Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire, wearing her uniform and talking to Mouch, with a fire engine stood behind
Miranda Rae Mayo plays Lieutenant Stella Kidd in Chicago Fire. NBC

Who is Stella Kidd? Stella replaced Otis as the main fire truck driver following his death. She began dating Kelly Severide (played by Taylor Kinney) in season 4, and the couple married at the end of season 10.

What else has Miranda Rae Mayo been in? A former model, Miranda’s previous TV appearances include supporting roles in the second season of True Detective and Pretty Little Liars.

Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett

Kara Killmer as Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire, dealing with a patient on a stretcher
Kara Killmer plays Sylvie Brett in Chicago Fire. NBC

Who is Sylvie Brett? Sylvie joined the team as a paramedic in season 3, having run away from her Indiana hometown to avoid getting married. Her previous relationships include Joe, Gabby’s brother Antonio and chaplain Kyle Sheffield. Sylvie later became involved with Captain Matthew Casey before he moved to Oregon, and in the 11th season finale he returned and proposed to her.

What else has Kara Killmer been in? Kara began her career in the reality series If I Can Dream, which followed 10 aspiring actors as they tried to make a living in Los Angeles. Chicago Fire’s Sylvie is her first major TV role.

Daniel Kyri plays Darren Ritter

Christopher Herrmann and Darren Ritter wearing their firefighters uniforms, stood outside
Daniel Kyri plays Darren Ritter in Chicago Fire. NBC/Universal Media

Who is Darren Ritter? Ritter became a fire fighter in tribute to his uncle, who was a fire fighter in New York on 9/11 and later took his own life. His boyfriend is a travel agent named Eric, and Ritter has a Dalmatian dog named Tuesday that he brings to the firehouse.

What else has Daniel Kyri been in? An acclaimed theatre actor in Chicago, Daniel briefly appeared in an episode of Chicago Med before winning the role of Ritter in Chicago Fire.

Hanako Greensmith plays Violet Mikami

Hanako Greensmith as Violet Mikami in Chicago Fire, leaning over a stretcher, with a fire engine in the background
Hanako Greensmith plays Violet Mikami in Chicago Fire. NBC

Who is Violet Mikami? A rival of Blake Gallo’s from when they were at the fire academy together, paramedic Violet goes on to have a tempestuous on/off relationship with him.

What else has Hanako Greensmith been in? Before Chicago Fire, Hanako appeared in episodes of FBI and Bull.

Chicago Fire: New cast members

Rome Flynn plays Jake Gibson

Rome Flynn photographed on the red carpet of Prime Video series With Love
Rome Flynn JC Olivera/Getty Images for Prime Video

Who is Jake Gibson? Joining Chicago Fire in season 12, Jake Gibson is an amateur boxer with a dark past, who is considered a possible recruit after the team at Firehouse 51 see him perform an act of heroism.

Showrunner Andrea Newman said (via Variety): "He’s phenomenal. He’s an electric presence and a very different energy than a lot of our guys at 51. He’ll be shaking things up. As a character, there are a lot of layers to peel back on Gibson.

"He’ll be a fun new element to rock 51 a little bit."

What else has Rome Flynn been in? Viewers may recognise Flynn from past roles in How to Get Away with Murder, Dear White People, Raising Dion, With Love and Grey's Anatomy (where he played Wendell Ndugu in season 18).

Chicago Fire: Former cast members

Alberto Rosende plays Blake Gallo

Alberto Rosende as Blake Gallo in Chicago Fire, wearing his uniform and sat next to a fire engine
Alberto Rosende plays Blake Gallo in Chicago Fire. NBC

Who is Blake Gallo? One of Firehouse 51’s most recent recruits, Gallo became a fire fighter after his whole family was killed in a horrifying blaze. After becoming a valued part of the team across a four-season arc, he will be bidding farewell in the season 12 premiere.

What else has Alberto Rosende been in? Alberto is best known for his role as Simon Lewis in the supernatural drama series Shadowhunters.


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