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Broadchurch: who are the suspects?

Five episodes in and Miller and Hardy are building up a picture of the attacker...

Published: Friday, 22nd December 2017 at 10:07 am

Ed Burnett (played by Lenny Henry)


Episode six painted Ed Burnett as a safe bet. His obsession with Trish, the grass stains on his suit, the twine in his pocket – it all added up.

But Ed's feelings for Trish seem more like a misguided but harmless attachment rather than a sinister fixation. And his dirty suit could feasibly be the result of a tumble down the hill after his showdown with Jim Atwood who he's since beaten the stuffing out of after finding out about his tryst with Trish.

Until his arrest, Ed appeared to be teetotal which would rule him out as Trish could smell alcohol on her attacker's breath. But the end of episode seven saw him hitting the bottle again – is it out of the question that he could have done the same on the night of Cath's party?

And then there's the twine he found and showed to his copper daughter, Katie, sitting in the farm shop bag we saw swiped from the crime scene at the start of the series – was it planted to try and frame Ed? Was it there during the police search or has it been put there since? Or is he reporting it in an attempt to feign innocence?

There are still plenty of question marks next to Ed's name but the treatment of his character seems to have shifted of late. He's no longer at the heart of Hardy and Miller's hypothesis...


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