Jed Mercurio's new BBC1 drama Bodyguard went down a storm this bank holiday weekend – the first episode saw a peak of 6.9m viewers tuning in – but some viewers were left unsure about one element of the plot after Monday night's episode two.


*Spoilers for The Bodyguard episode two to follow*

The second instalment saw Richard Madden's former army veteran continue to protect Home Secretary Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) as an attempt on her life was made (by his former army pal Andy), and deal with the fallout of a terror attack on his kids' school. It was all very dramatic, and then things got steamy...

Yep, Montague and her guardian got it on, putting a swift end to that will-they-won't-they debate in the nascent stages of the drama. And not everyone was happy about it...

"Oh, don't shag him," Caroline Hooton wrote on Twitter. "For goodness sake. Can we not just have a drama with a male and female character where they don't shag?"

Brooke Gorman concurred: "Why does Bodyguard have to follow every God damn single drama that has been on in the past 607 years and make the two main characters, who are completely incompatible, get together!!" she wrote. "Can we not make a good programme without this weird element."

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Others were upset about it for a different reason.

"I wish they'd stop banging," @AvoidInertia wrote. "I'm watching this with my parents."

But some viewers were much more concerned by a cup of tea – specifically the one that a primary school teacher managed to hold onto for the duration of a terrorist attack, despite, you know, impending doom and all.

"The real hero in tonight's Bodyguard is the teacher who didn't spill a drop of her tea when getting the kids to safety," Jill Barnett wrote. "Throw the cup and move faster hen!!!"


Bodyguard continues next Sunday at 9pm on BBC1

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