Ever since personal assistant Chanel Dyson was fired by Home Secretary Julia Montague in Bodyguard episode one, we've had our suspicions about her.


After all, what kind of PA gets picked up by a massive black SUV right after making such a massive mess of her job?

Well, episode five revealed that Chanel (played by Stephanie Hyam) is back, and it appears she could yet be a significant character in the BBC's engrossing thriller.

So who is the mysterious Chanel really, and what could she be up to? Here's what we know so far...

Who is Chanel?

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Julia's extremely posh PA. Chanel wasn't Julia's biggest fan and managed to get herself fired after pouring coffee all over the Home Secretary just before a big TV interview, giving David Budd (Richard Madden) an opportunity to save the day by stripping off and handing Julia Montague (Keeley Hawes) his smart white shirt.

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For some reason Chanel was completely blindsided about being fired, despite the aforementioned incident. After making a scene and being escorted out of the building, she turned down the offer of a taxi in favour of a lift from a man in a massive black Range Rover with tinted windows. The car, David later discovered, was registered to the Cayman Islands.

After she was sacked, she tried to sell her story to a journalist. However, the meeting quickly soured when the reporter realised Chanel didn't have any concrete evidence of why her boss was such an evil monster. Chanel then got back into the SUV, driven by a mysterious man – now identified as organised crime boss Luke Aitkens.

Luke has made a handful of appearances in the series since – see here for more details – but Chanel appears to have only just returned to the action.

But– and we're just speculating here – this trench coat worn by an audience member at Julia's fateful speech looks kind of familiar, doesn't it...?

Coat in Bodyguard

Why is Chanel back?

Good question.

Chanel manages to bump into David in a coffee shop (what are the chances?), flirts with him a bit and asks for his number to take him for a drink. She then collects her latte and returns to the black car.

Is she working for Luke's crime organisation? Was she meant to be a mole inside the Home Office? If so, did she lose her job on purpose or by accident? And what is she doing getting David's number?

For more discussion about all the questions we have after Bodyguard episode 5, click here.

Where have I seen Stephanie Hyam before?

Hyam appeared in Doctor Who in 2017 as Heather (aka the strange watery monster), in the episodes The Doctor Falls and The Pilot.


She also starred as Charlotte Murray in Peaky Blinders, and played Lily Clarke in Jekyll & Hyde. In Sherlock she played Jane in the episode The Abominable Bride.

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