Here’s how the Doctor Who team turned Heather into a watery monster

The secrets of the 'Wet Dalek Lady' are finally revealed


While watching Doctor Who series ten opening episode The Pilot, you may have found yourself wondering how on earth student turned water/space engine oil monster Heather remained so, well, watery.


Actress Stephanie Hyam, who portrayed the ill-fated lass, is here to solve the mystery – and simultaneously dispel any myths about acting being a glamorous profession.

“I’ve been drenched a few times today”, Hyam reveals in a behind-the-scenes video from the set of The Pilot, the episode in which she gets sucked into a puddle of space engine oil, which then assumes her form and chases Bill Potts and The Doctor across space and time.

“I have hoses in my wig. The front bit is my own hair and then I have a wig with hoses coming through it. Bottles of water thrown on me – I say thrown, they’re very nice about it. And I have a pipe that comes up through my jeans, through the wig and through my sleeves as well, so basically I’m just always drenched in water.”

Don’t worry though, she clearly didn’t have an awful time because she described her work on Doctor Who as “one of my favourite jobs so far”.

And sure it’s all just water under the bridge now anyway.


Doctor Who continues on BBC1 on Saturday April 22nd at 7.20pm