Benedict Cumberbatch packs a punch in longer trailer for Little Favour

The star of Sherlock and Star Trek Into Darkness ain't looking too good in the latest footage from his short film

It’s Benedict Cumberbatch, but not as you’re used to seeing him…


Rocking a John McClane-style white vest, Cumberbatch is all bruised and bloodied in this longer trailer for his new short film, Little Favour.

The man we know as Sherlock plays Wallace, who left Her Majesty’s Service seven years ago and is trying to build a new life for himself when old comrade James (Colin Salmon) gets back in contact with a request. A ‘Little Favour’ for the man who once saved Wallace’s life…

Unable to refuse, he soon finds himself coming face to face with some nasty-looking criminals who reduce him to a bleeding, sweaty mess. But Cumbers isn’t giving up without a fight… 

Little Favour raised its budget through crowd-funding site Indiegogo, with Cumberbatch’s ardent fan base playing a part in the £86,240 that was raised in just twelve days, more then tripling the original budget of £25,000. 

Little Favour is written and directed by Patrick Victor Monroe and will be available to buy on iTunes from Tuesday 5 November.