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Be a Radio Times reviewer: tell us what you think of Doc Martin series 6

Want to be a TV journalist for a day? Send us your review of the first episode of Doc Martin series 6 by 2pm on Tuesday and it might just get published...

Published: Monday, 2nd September 2013 at 1:56 pm

Wedding bells are ringing tonight as Doc Martin returns to ITV for its series 6 opening episode. And it's fair to assume the sour faced GP's impending nuptials won't be all plain sailing. Is anything ever simple in Portwenn?!


But accidents and incidents aside, we want to know what you think of Doc Martin's return.

Are you pleased Martin and Louisa are FINALLY ready to make it down the aisle? Do you love the grumpy doc? Or do you think it's about time he managed a smile...? Tell us why you still love the cosy Cornish series, or, indeed, if you think a sixth series is a series too far.

We don't care what the critics think. We want to know what YOU think. So just write us a 150 word review and we'll publish our favourites on It's all very exciting, isn't it.

Send your 150 word review of the first episode of Doc Martin series 6, along with your full name, age and hometown, to by 2pm tomorrow (03/09/2013).


By sending your work to the above email you consent to your review being published in whole or in part by and that you agree to's website code of conduct and Terms and Conditions.


Watch a trailer for series 6:


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