Armando Iannucci compares Theresa May to Doctor Who’s Weeping Angels

The Thick of It writer has a compelling theory about the PM's policy tactics


If ever there was a man who could make astutely rib-tickling political observations, it’s Armando Iannucci.


The man who gave us The Thick of It (and Peter Capaldi’s fabulously foul-mouthed Malcolm Tucker) knows how to put a brilliantly satirical spin on politics, so it’s little wonder he’s already rolling out the humdingers ahead of election day on 8th June.

Iannucci was a guest on the first episode of the new series of The Last Leg on Friday night, and while talking about party politics with Adam Hills, Alex Brooker and Josh Widdecombe the conversation strayed into Doctor Who territory.

The writer – whose Malcolm Tucker now controls the Tardis – couldn’t help but notice that incumbent Prime Minister Theresa May’s manner of revealing less popular policies was rather similar to the attack strategy of a major Doctor Who villain.

“I think most people are genuinely confused by Theresa May because  she’s trying to appeal, make it look like it’s no longer the nasty party, it’s the nice party, appealing to the middle. And then these strange other policies creep in,” he began.

“I was trying to think what she reminds me of and it’s the Weeping Angels in Doctor Who, because we’re all nice and it’s “NO SCHOOL LUNCHES”… “NO HEAT!”


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