Annika episode 4 preview teases romantic relationship for Nicola Walker’s DI

Paul McGann's psychiatrist pays DI Annika Strandhed a visit in this exclusive Annika preview.

Annika Exclusive

Alibi’s record-breaking crime drama Annika is back for its fourth episode on Tuesday night, with Nicola Walker’s unconventional DI taking on a brand new case.


The body of writer Cara Gibson washes up under Kingly Bridge, which makes Annika ponder the structure and symbolism of bridges for the duration of the episode.

Luckily, Paul McGann’s psychiatrist, Jake Strathearn, is there to offer some comfort. Strathearn was introduced in episode three, when Annika’s daughter Morgan (Silvie Furneaux) began therapy at his office.

The chemistry between them was obvious, and it appears it will continue to develop in the next episode, at least judging by exclusive episode four preview. Take a look below.

“Conflict, intimations of doom, imminent catastrophe,” Strathearn tells Annika after she asks him what dreaming of bridges collapsing means.

This does not bode well for Annika – and maybe even their would-be relationship – but, luckily, Strathearn loves bridges, or so he tells her.

The pair clearly have a connection, though how that might impact Annika’s already troubled daughter in the future remains to be seen.

As well as Annika’s potential romantic pursuit, her work with the Maritime Homicide Unit will lead her to realise the consequences of burning bridges – which this episode’s victim appears to be an expert in.

Her books ruined careers and left a lot of lives in tatters, which means there’s a long list of suspects to get through to find out whodunit.

Set against the background of the Scottish seaside, where Annika is filmed, the episode will also feature Annika speaking directly to the audience – one of the features that sets it apart from other crime dramas of its ilk.


Annika continues on Alibi on Tuesday 6th September at 9pm. Looking for something to watch tonight? Visit our TV Guide or check out our Drama hub for all the latest news and features.