Aidan Turner is in chains in new Poldark season two trailer

There's more trouble on the horizon for the Cornish hero as the period drama prepares to return to BBC1


There’s serious trouble brewing for our Cornish hero in the first look trailer for Poldark season two. Aidan Turner, who plays the period drama’s oft-shirtless lead, has been fighting for liberty, hopes and dreams and he insists he’ll “keep on fighting, whatever the cost” in the moody 30-second teaser.


The price of his efforts, though, seem to be rather steep. He can be spotted atop a Cornish cliff in handcuffs being led away by soldiers and later through the dark bars of a prison cell.

But that’s not all for this atmospheric series. We also spy tears and tarot cards, gun shots, sex, sunsets, screams and shackles.

So, erm, one heck of a season two, then.

The final episode of Poldark series one saw Ross Poldark arrested after a ship was wrecked off the coast of his land, while he and Demelza (Eleanor Tomlinson) struggled to come to terms with the death of their child.


Poldark will be back on 4th September on BBC1