Aidan Turner has plans to top Poldark’s topless scything scene in 2016

The actor revealed what's in store for Cornwall's brooding hero when he returns to our TV screens


He stole hearts and sent a wave of palpitations through the nation when he brooded his way along the Cornwall coastline in 2015 but Aidan Turner says he’s planning to top Poldark’s topless scything (and that And Then There Were None towel scene) in 2016 – by keeping his clothes ON.


“[Series 2] is going really well,” the actor told at the National Television Awards. “You can still see the scar on my face. I came up in a car, I was working today.”

Turner, who has another six weeks of filming to complete, picked up the NTA Impact Award for his sweaty scything efforts on the first series of the BBC adaptation.

“I didn’t know what this was. Literally, I was just sitting down and I saw my face come up and that was it – I was picking up this Impact Award. Nice to have an impact though, it’s good right? It’s a good thing.”


We think it’s safe to say it most definitely is.