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After The Halcyon's shocking series finale Kara Tointon says her character's future is "up in the air"

Things don't look good for Betsey at the end of the first series - but will viewers get a chance to find out what happens next?

Published: Tuesday, 21st February 2017 at 11:11 am

It's fair to say that The Halcyon's series finale goes off with a bang – quite literally.


After a bomb blows up the hotel bar, we watch a dream sequence where Kara Tointon sings a haunting Vera Lynn tune to a vision of her lover Sonny Sullivan, before looking back towards her own body lying spreadeagled and bloody on the ground.

The shock ending sees her horrified friends and co-workers run over to check her pulse and try to wake her up, but there is no response.

So: is Betsey really dead?

"Whenever you read that your character finishes up on the floor in a pool of blood, I guess it doesn't look good! And you think, 'Oh damn it'," Tointon tells

But there is still a chance the hotel singer will make it through to a potential second series of the ITV period drama.

"They haven't told me. It's all up in the air really," Kara says. "We shall see. It's all left on a bit of an edge.

"I'd love to be a fly on the wall in those big round table meetings with the writers, because it must be a lot of fun going back and forth and deciding where the story's going, and who is going to make it and who isn't.

"I have no idea, I'm completely in the dark on it."

In retrospect, looking back at our interview with Tointon from before the series began, the actress did provide a bit of a clue about the series finale.

Asked whether she was hoping for a second series, she told us: "You can never be too sure of how long you're going to last in the war. I can't get my feet up on the table too comfortably."

"I was right, wasn't I?" she now laughs.

But will she do another series, if Betsey survives her head injury? And for that matter – will there be a series two?

"I feel like these characters fitted like gloves, and I feel that we've only just scratched the surface of where they could go," she says.

"I'm really hoping for it because it was a fantastic job to be a part of and I really enjoyed it. So I hope so, yeah.

"My fingers are crossed that Betsey survives. Because even if they do do another series, it's not definite that I'll be there! So I've got two lots of fingers crossed on both hands."


Halcyon fans will no doubt feel the same way.


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