8 things we know about Outlander’s season two finale

Battle is inevitable as Claire and Jamie return for series 2 episode 13


Patience is a virtue!


You’ll have to wait a bit to see it: in the US, it’s being shown on Starz on Saturday 9th July. Here in the UK, we get it on Sunday 10th July via Amazon Prime.


But it’ll be worth the wait


There’s even more to enjoy: this episode, which is called Dragonfly in Amber (also the title of creator Diana Gabaldon’s second Outlander novel) runs to 90 minutes.


It’s time for battle


Jamie and Claire have done what they can, but they haven’t been able to change history – Culloden is definitely happening, after the failure of not-so-Bonny Prince Charlie to stick to Jamie’s plan for a sneak attack on the British forces.


There’s the past…


The episode takes place in two time periods: there’s the day of the battle itself, in which Jamie and Claire try to stop the Prince from sending the Highlanders to their death. Claire comes up with a plan, but uncle Dougal overhears, which leads to an awful confrontation with his nephew. And Claire and Jamie must make a final, tearful decision about their future, while renewing their love at Craigh na Dun.


But the future beckons


We’re also in 1968, where we’re introduced to two major new characters: Brianna (Sophie Skelton), Claire’s daughter, and Roger Wakefield (Richard Rankin), adopted son of Reverend Wakefield, the Inverness historian who Claire and Frank got to know on their honeymoon. Claire (who’s looking like a young Susan Sontag) comes to Scotland with Brianna to attend the Reverend’s funeral, and eventually reveals the truth about her own past and the facts about her daughter’s parentage. Understandably, Brianna’s not convinced…


Back from the flames


And there’s a familiar face: one who Claire hasn’t seen since Jamie rescued her from a witch’s pyre. But what’s the connection with Roger?


Into the light


The episode ends with Claire being told something truly shocking: but can she do anything about it?


It’s not the end


Outlander’s been renewed for two more seasons: season three will adapt Gabaldon’s Voyager, in which Claire determines to find out what actually happened at Culloden, while Season four will be based on Drums of Autumn, in which our heroine journeys to a brave new world.


Outlander’s season two finale will be on Amazon Prime from 10th July