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7 things to look forward to in Outlander season 3 episode 9

We're going on a bairn hunt! Well, sort of...

Sam Heughan Outlander Season 3
Published: Monday, 6th November 2017 at 4:05 pm

Outlander season three continues this week, airing on Sunday 12th November in the US and on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Monday 13th November.


Find out what to expect with our spoiler-free preview of season three episode nine.

1. It's time to put the voyage in Voyager

Season three is based on Diana Gabaldon's Voyager but up until now the only travel anyone seemed to be doing involved standing stones and the passage of time.

Well, all of that's about to change...

2. Young Ian's safety is everyone's primary concern

When last we left Claire and Jamie they were staring out to sea with sheer terror on their faces because they'd just watched young Ian being bundled into a strange boat.

They can't just leave him to his fate...

3. Jamie's got a BIG problem

When DOESN'T Jamie Fraser have a big problem, in fairness? Let's just say this one is particularly tricky.

4. Claire's got a new roommate

Claire and Jamie Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony)

Let's just say she and Jamie may have to wait a while before they can, er, make up after that dramatic conversation on the cliffs.

5. Everyone's obsessed with a horseshoe

And it's got something in common with a woman's bare breasts, Jamie's red hair and a banana on a French frigate. Yes, you dread that right.

6. There's high drama on the high seas

Claire Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony)
Claire Outlander Season 3 Episode 6 (Sony) Starz

Tensions run high, tempers flare and the arrival of a mysterious ship spells trouble for surgeon Claire.


7. And the sound of drums rings out at the start of a new adventure

It sure seems as though it's going to be anything but plain sailing from here on in...

Watch new episodes of Outlander season 3 on Amazon Prime Video in the UK on Mondays 


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