6 things you need to know before watching Top of the Lake series 2

Catch up with the story so far for Detective Robin Griffin, played by Elisabeth Moss


Can’t remember the events of series one of Top of the Lake? Here’s a brief refresher course on the life of Detective Robin Griffin (Elisabeth Moss)…


In series one, Griffin was recalled from her new life in Sydney to work on a child abuse case in her home town in New Zealand, and discovered that historic events still had the power to floor her.


Griffin’s drive to uncover abuse is motivated by personal history. As a 15-year-old in a remote community on New Zealand’s South Island, she was raped by a gang of local men and gave birth to a daughter, who she had adopted.


The first series saw Robin uncover the truth about colleague DCI Al Parker


After being reunited with her teenage boyfriend, she was set to get married to him but then called off the wedding at the last minute.


The first series followed Robin as she investigated a pregnant 12 year-old girl’s disappearance. The case was made increasingly complicated after the detective started a relationship with the missing girl’s half-brother, Johnno


In series two, the story leaps forward four years. Robin, now determinedly celibate, has returned to work in Sydney, where her estranged daughter, Mary, has grown up.


Struggling to assert her authority in a very male incident room — although she has a female colleague, played by Game of Thrones’ Gwendoline Christie — she is frustrated by her present life and still struggling with her past.



When Mary decides to contact her birth mother — and when a body washes up on Bondi Beach — Robin is led into a web of corruption and exploitation in the darkest heart of the city.


This article originally published in August 2017