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New 13 Reasons Why teaser suggests polaroids could replace cassette tapes in season two

"The truth is developing" – is this where the hit Netflix series is heading next?

Published: Monday, 30th April 2018 at 4:05 pm

Netflix has released a cryptic new teaser for 13 Reasons Why season two – and it points towards what could be replacing Hannah Baker's cassette tapes in the new episodes.


The new video posted on 13 Reasons Why's social feeds shows a print-out of a photo accompanied by the words "The truth is developing", suggesting that polaroid photos – or at least camera film – could be key to the new season.

Showrunner Brian Yorkey has already said that there will be "a new piece of technology for 13-year-olds to Google", suggesting that while Hannah Baker's tapes have run their course, something else will take their place as a framing device for the new episodes.

If you look closely at the video above, the polaroid even comes with its own batch number at the bottom of the print, beginning '1217' and ending '06'.

In a standard Polaroid Originals photo, the first two numbers refer to the month of production, and the second two to the year of production. The final two numbers refer to the day of production.

That would give the above photo the date 6th December 2017. We know that filming roughly wrapped in December last year, so the date matches. Don't worry, it doesn't look like it's referring to 13 Reasons Why season two's release date – fans hopefully won't have to wait until December this year for the new episodes.

Even more intriguingly, star Katherine Langford – who plays Hannah Baker – recently deleted all her Instagram images, replacing it with a single post with the caption 'era'. And the photo? A retro print.

Key character Tyler was a keen photographer in season one, and his storyline is expected to develop – sorry – in season two. But given that he owns a DSLR rather than an old-school Polaroid, perhaps assuming this latest post is linked to him is one assumption too many.


Either way, it won't be long now before we discover the truth. Check back here regularly for more 13 Reasons Why season two release date news.


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