13 Reasons Why season two sees a host of new additions to the cast, as the story of Liberty High after Hannah's suicide continues.


Among the new faces is Scott Reed, a guy on the celebrated baseball team of Liberty High. However, he could be one of the most mysterious characters in the new episodes...

Find out more about the character and new Netflix star Brandon Butler below.

Who is Scott Reed?

When we first meet Scott, he appears every bit a jock on Team Bryce – which, for obvious reasons, makes him highly suspect.

Hanging out with the likes of Bryce and Zach, it's at first hard to look past the blue Liberty High jacket. However, just as with Jeff Atkins in season one, first appearances may be deceptive.

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You see, as Clay Jensen (Dylan Minnette) tries to uncover who is leaving him mysterious and incriminating polaroid photos, his thoughts frequently appear to turn towards Scott.

It could be coincidence, but is Scott hanging around whenever Clay finds a new photo? It's hard to tell, and we'll have to wait until later in the season to learn more, but one thing's for sure: Liberty High always has a way of subverting our first impressions...

Who is actor Brandon Butler?

This is young star Brandon Butler's first major role, but the actor looks like he's settled in well with the cast.


Butler's also appeared in US daytime soap Medical Hospital, but expect him and fellow new 13 Reasons Why star Timothy Granaderos to feature in much, much more after this.