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13 Reasons Why's Tyler actor says season 4 "goes the opposite way" to past series

Tyler Down star Devin Druid promises a character-led rather than plot-driven final season.

13 Reasons why Devin Druid
Published: Friday, 5th June 2020 at 2:56 pm

Beware 13 Reasons Why fans: the fourth and final season of the Netflix show might not be what you’d expect.


That’s according to Devin Druid, who plays Tyler Down in the teen drama. Opening up about the show's closing episodes, the actor suggested characters will finally have to face up to previous wrongdoings.

“[Season four is] more of a departure from the other seasons, which had a central catalyst that motivated the characters,” he told TV Line.

“This season just takes a look at everything these characters have gone through, and the story comes from how they react to all of that. So it kind of goes the opposite way, which I think is really fun.”

He added: “These characters have a few huge secrets that they’re trying to keep under wraps, so everyone has a lot to worry about.”

But what specifically can viewers expect from the show? As expected, Druid remained tight-lipped, but offered a hint what’s in store for Tyler.

“[He] doesn’t always make the right decisions, but he’s the first one to take the necessary steps to right his wrongs,” Druid said. “I’ve always appreciated that about him.”

Previously speaking about the very last episode of 13 Reasons Why, showrunner Brian Yorkey said he’s “incredibly proud” of the instalment. I think it’s very special and it’s also supersized,” he said.

“It’s a supersized finale, so even if people aren’t super happy with the ending, at least they can’t say we were stingy.”

Alongside Druid, fans can also expect the return of Dylan Minnette (Clay Jensen), Christian Navarro ( Tony Padilla) and Alisha Boe (Jessica Davis).


The fourth and final season of 13 Reasons Why is available to watch on Netflix now. Check out our lists of the best TV shows on Netflix and the best movies on Netflix, or see what else is on with our TV Guide


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