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Marvin Humes' Who Do You Think You Are? episode moves viewers with its revelation about his family's history of slavery

The former JLS star discovered that his relative was a black slaveowner on the BBC1 show

Published: Tuesday, 7th August 2018 at 9:12 am

Who Do You Think You Are? often astonishes celebrities with its revelations about their family history – and the latest episode with Marvin Humes was no exception.


The former JLS band member turned TV and radio presenter discovered on Monday night’s show that one of his relatives was a black slaveowner.

As the BBC1 programme helped Humes trace his roots in England and Jamaica, he learned that his four-times great-grandfather owned two slaves, despite his own parents having once been slaves themselves.

The revelation, and Humes’ reaction to the news, moved viewers who took to Twitter to praise the show.

Humes was “shocked” to discover his ancestor was a slaveowner as he didn’t know that black people owned slaves. He recently told TV Times: “I’m not angry, I’d like to think that being a black man himself, knowing what was going on, he’d have treated them with respect.”

Beyoncé has also recently revealed in a new interview with Vogue that she is descended from a slaveowner. “I researched my ancestry recently and learned that I come from a slaveowner who fell in love with and married a slave,” she said.


Who Do You Think You Are? continues on Monday 13th August, when TV judge Robert Rinder will be tracing his family history.


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