Trevor McDonald's documentaries are some of best in the business, capturing heartbreaking stories with unwavering humanity. His latest, Trevor McDonald: Return to South Africa, is no exception. The film sees McDonald return to South Africa to mark the 100th birthday of Nelson Mandela, a figure who heavily shaped the interviewer's career.


McDonald also considers the impact of the end of apartheid for the people of South Africa as the country appears still rife with inequality.

What time is Trevor McDonald: Return to South Africa on?

ITVs Trevor McDonald: Return to South Africa airs on Tuesday 19th June at 9pm.

Is there a trailer?

Yes – click on the link below to watch.

What is it about?

The documentary considers the impact of ending apartheid in South Africa. Until formally dismissed in 1994, the law created a divide of culture, race and community.

McDonald returns to view a country he thought had changed, to find it still working in very much the same way.

Travelling between the super rich and those living in the slums, the new documentary taps into inequality existing at the heart of South Africa – and considers how likely it is to change.

McDonald is met with his fair share of difficult interviewees but never shows any hint of discomfort. Meeting a member of an Afrikaners group, McDonald questions the absence of diversity as the pair drive through an exclusively white area.


ITVs Trevor McDonald: Return to South Africa airs on Tuesday 19th June at 9pm

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