When is Strokes of Genius: Federer v Nadal on TV?

For many, it was the greatest tennis match ever - between the two of the best players to have graced the tournament. Get ready to revisit that 2008 Wimbledon final

Rafael Nadal, Wimbledon 2015 (Getty, EH)

If it’s not the World Cup, it’s Wimbledon. But this is a little different. The BBC has dug through the archives for a look back at one of the most dramatic and fiercely contested tennis matches in the sport’s history – a 4 hour and 48 minute marathon between Rafael Nadal and Roger Federer that saw Nadal finally win out 6–4, 6–4, 6–7, 6–7, 9–7.


Here’s everything we you need to know about the documentary Strokes of Genius: Federer v Nadal.

When is Strokes of Genius: Federer v Nadal on TV?

The documentary airs on Sunday 8th July on BBC2 at 6:20pm. It will appear on BBC iPlayer shortly after.

What is the programme about?

The Swiss maestro v the King of the Clay; Federer v Nadal promised to be one of the best finals Wimbledon ever – and it delivered.

The documentary looks back ten years to the titanic clash between the two stars. Trawling through archive footage, the BBC tracks their lives from childhood, right up until to the 2008 Wimbledon final.

Wimbledon tennis Championships, Getty, SL
Wimbledon tennis Championships (Getty)

Featuring interviews with Federer and Nadal themselves, in addition to footage from the five-hour slog-fest and commentary from tennis legends such as Borg, McEnroe and Navratilova, the documentary is a must watch for any tennis fan.


Strokes of genius airs at Sunday 8th July at 6:20pm on BBC2