Netflix’s Heist is a true crime documentary series that looks at ordinary people who almost got away with extraordinary crimes.


There’s the man who plans a heist at Miami Airport by studying TV shows and another who attempts to steal the world’s most expensive bourbon, but the series begins with two episodes focusing on the fascinating case of Heather Tallchief, who became involved in a plot to steal $3 million from an armoured car in Las Vegas.

Who is Heather Tallchief?

Heather Catherine Tallchief was 21 years old and working for an armoured car company when she was involved in an ambitious heist in October 1993.

Her boyfriend, Roberto Solis, was a convicted killer more than 20 years her senior, whom she had met in a San Francisco bar. Tallchief claimed he brainwashed her, hypnotising her before she went to work each day, and convinced her to drive away from the Circus Circus casino in Las Vegas in an armoured truck that was filled with cash.

Where is Heather Tallchief now?

Following the heist in 1993, Solis and Tallchief went on the run. They disguised themselves as an elderly couple and flew to Denver before leaving the US.

Heather remained at large for 12 years but eventually surrendered to US authorities in September 2005 after returning to the country on a fake passport. “I truly feel this is the right thing to do,” she said as she handed herself in, adding that she was tired and she wanted her son to have a normal life.

Tallchief and her 10-year-old son with Solis had been living in Amsterdam, the city she and Solis had run to following the heist. When she was arrested, Heather stated that she had left Solis there with the money and had no idea where he was. His whereabouts are still unknown but Tallchief has said that she believes Solis, who would now be 75 years old, is no longer alive.

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She was given a 63 month sentence in 2006 and ordered to try and repay the almost $3 million she had stolen during the remainder of her life. It has been reported that Heather was released from prison in 2010 but she has kept a low profile since then. An actor portrays her in the documentary, speaking the words Heather said during her trial and in interviews.


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