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Unsolved Mysteries creator says some cases will never be closed: “They’re not solvable”

While a lot of new evidence has been added to Netflix’s real-life detective series, Terry Dunn Meurer says some cold cases will probably stay that way

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Published: Saturday, 25th July 2020 at 1:30 pm

Undoubtedly, Unsolved Mysteries has been a serious hit since it landed on Netflix, with all sorts of armchair sleuths at home trying to crack the mysterious cases presented in the cold-case documentary series.


What happened to Rey Rivera? Who killed Alonzo Brooks? And were there really UFOs in Massachusetts? Since the series was released in early July 2020 fans around the internet have pored over the evidence, digging out new details and advancing the cases for the first time in years as they desperately seek the truth.

However, series co-creator Terry Dunn Meurer has now revealed that he doubts even the most ingenious of viewers will be able to discover what really happened in some of the episodes, describing certain mysteries as “not solvable”.

“The goal is and the hope is this mystery can be solved,” Meurer said on Netflix podcast You Can’t Make This Up. “Some of them like the UFO cases or the ghost cases – they are not solvable.

“The goal was always to solve these mysteries and the hope is whose mysteries we tell, these are the last port of call. These have gone cold for years and people can’t let go of it. Their lives have to go on but this is always nagging them.

“That’s why they do our show. The series gives them hope there might be resolutions to their case."

Certainly, there does seem to be some hope for most of the mysteries to be solved – just recently new information has come to light about the case of Alonzo Brooks, with a major development emerging in the last week after his body was exhumed.

Meanwhile, another mystery left unclear for over 30 years could be “about to be solved” too after appearing on the original Unsolved Mysteries TV series, so who knows? If they wait long enough, maybe even the tales of UFOs and hauntings might have a definitive answer one day…

Unsolved Mysteries is streaming on Netflix


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