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Unsolved Mysteries producer urges unknown caller to come forward to crack Rey Rivera case

The identity of the caller has thus far been unable to determine, owing to the fact that it was made from a switchboard.

Rey Rivera Unsolved Mysteries
Published: Thursday, 30th July 2020 at 9:00 pm

The producer of Unsolved Mysteries Terry Dunn Meurer has urged the mystery caller who phoned Rey Rivera on the day of his disappearance to come forward with more information.


Speaking on the Netflix podcast You Can’t Make This Up, the producer spoke about the call Rivera had received from work shortly before he went missing.

"It was like he had forgotten something or forgotten an appointment or a store was going to close, he rushed out very very quickly," she said.

"One of the most baffling parts of this case is someone made that phone call to Rey and they’ve never come forward. We’d love for someone to come forward and tell us what that phonecall was about."

The identity of the caller has thus far been unable to determine, owing to the fact that it was made from a switchboard, and some viewers reckon that working out what the call was about may be key to finding out what happened to Rey Rivera.

It is one of many mysterious aspects surrounding the case, with viewers also focusing on the as yet indecipherable note hidden behind his computer and the penny he was holding when he died.

During the same podcast appearance, Meurer also revealed new evidence which showed Rivera was concerned about his safety in the two weeks prior to his disappearance.


The body of Rivera, a 32-year-old finance writer, was found decomposing under a hole in a Baltimore hotel abandoned second-story room. Although police later ruled the death as a suicide, it’s been a source of speculation for his loved ones and fans of the Netflix series.

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