Dirty Money is a 2018 Netflix original series about corporate corruption and surrounding social issues. The US six-part documentary series examines a different case in each episode and gets under the skin of business behemoths.

Where can I watch Dirty Money?

All six episodes of Dirty Money are available on Netflix. They range from 50 to 77 minutes long.

What is Dirty Money about?

The series examines instances of corruption in some of the world’s biggest companies. Episode one has a focus on VW’s emissions scandal, while other episodes feature HSBC, Donald Trump, payday loan companies and pharmaceutical giants.

Who is in the cast of Dirty Money?

Dirty Money features a wide range of interviews and uses footage of Donald Trump as well as payday loan felon Scott Tucker and a variety of names from big business, academia and banking.

How many seasons of Dirty Money are there? How many episodes?

There is currently only one season of Dirty Money, with six episodes. A second season is in the works but Netflix have not confirmed a release date at time of writing. Series producer Alex Gibney has tweeted simply, “Season 2 coming”.

Is Dirty Money real?

Dirty Money is a factual documentary. It uses a mix of new interviews and older footage to tell stories about business corruption and scandals.

Is there a trailer for Dirty Money?

Yes, you can watch it below.