After capturing the public’s heart during Strictly Come Dancing and The Great Sport Relief Bake Off, Ed Balls is back, immersing us in the lives of those who regard Donald Trump as a true American hero.


Balls is on a quest to discover how – and if – America is being made great again.

Here's everything you need to know about the new documentary series below.

When is it on?

The three-part series Travels in Trumpland begins on Sunday 29th July at 10pm on BBC2.

Is there a trailer?

“It’s dangerous to start from the assumption that voters are wrong.”

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The trailer offers an entertaining and enlightening look into what life is really like in areas where Trump is hugely popular. Balls shows how important is to learn about those who hold views you disagree with before dismissing them.

What’s it about?

Former Labour MP and shadow chancellor of the Exchequer Ed Balls embarks on a three-part trip to the Deep South of America to meet Trump voters and immerse himself in their culture.

As well as providing light-hearted entertainment surrounding the lives of those he speaks to, Balls also tackles a range of issues including gun control and immigration policies.

Eager to shake the stigma around Trump supporters, Balls told Leeds Live that "lots of people will assume they're either deluded and don't understand, or extreme and dangerous, but we just met really nice, ordinary people."

"I thought that after the first year Trump would be losing support, but we didn't find that at all and it wouldn't surprise me if he won a second term," he added.


From becoming ‘The British Bruiser’ at a local wrestling event, to letting himself be tasered, Balls is willing to put it all on the line to really understand just why these people love Trump so much. He leaves us with an important question to consider: “can you see the world through their eyes rather than yours?”