Netflix has a new true crime gem in The Staircase.


The documentary series centres around the criminal trial of author Michael Peterson, who was accused of murdering his wife after she was found dead at the bottom of the staircase in their home. The series originally aired in 2004 - but it has been revamped, repackaged and updated by the streaming service for a new generation of viewers.

The big news is that the series will come with three newly filmed episodes, which will update viewers on the ramifications of the trial over 14 years later.

Find out everything you need to know about The Staircase below.

When is The Staircase released on Netflix UK?

The entire original series - along with three new episodes - will arrive on Friday 8th June 2018.

What is the true crime documentary about?

French documentary filmmaker Jean-Xavier de Lestrade was granted unprecedented access to the criminal trial of American author Michael Peterson, who was charged with the murder of his wife Kathleen. It features in-depth coverage of the defence team's prep for the case, and several interviews with the district attorney and the various members of Peterson's extended family. Plus, he gained access to Peterson's home, providing insight into the author's own mindset as he attempts to clear his name.

How will the new series differ from the original?

The new series will feature three new episodes, which will explore how the legal battle progressed over the course of 16 years. Crucially, de Lestrade is back at the helm once again, so things should pick up right where they left off.

“I’ve spent 16 years of my life on this story,” de Lestrade told Radio Times. “And while that isn’t full-time filming and editing across the years, there’s not really been a day when it hasn’t been in my head.”

Is there a trailer?

Yes. The clip sees new footage of Peterson intermingled with clips from the original series. Check it out below.


The Staircase arrives on Netflix UK on Friday 8th June 2018