School for Stammerers left a LOT of people in tears

Viewers praised the eye-opening documentary

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“Inspirational”. “Emotional”. “Incredible”. Those are just a few of the words viewers used to describe Tuesday night’s School for Stammerers, an ITV documentary following those trying to manage a life-changing vocal disability.


The eye-opening show followed six trainees undergoing an intensive speech therapy course, coached by those who had themselves conquered stammering.

And from the moment the six introduced themselves to camera, the audience at home was swept up in a sea of emotions as they realised what stammerers have to deal with every day.

The show also prompted many people who suffer from a stammer to share their story on Twitter, including Educating Yorkshire’s Musharaf Asghar.

However, many agreed that the doc had gone a long way to raising awareness and improving understanding of the condition.


If you didn’t catch it, School for Stammerers is available to watch now on the ITV Hub