Dominating headlines on account of his viral drinks and boxing matches, KSI is the global star that's had one hell of a career journey. In his upcoming Prime Video documentary, KSI: In Real Life, we're set to go behind the scenes of what has been "the most momentous year of his life".


Now, we finally have a first look at the documentary as the official trailer has just been released. In it, we get a sneak peek into KSI’s highs and lows as a global phenomenon whilst featuring intimate conversations with his family, who are still struggling with their son's fame.

The trailer opens with crowd cheers for the young star as he prepares to go on stage, but KSI narrates: "I don't think anyone actually knows who I am, including me."

He's visibly emotional in the next clip as he admits: "Just have someone like, hug me and say that like 'I love you'," before wiping away tears.

"He might be blinded with success that he knows the consequences but he doesn't care," his brother says. His father later tells the camera that "JJ is easy-going, KSI is just ..." before his mother interjects with "his ego". His father then concludes: "I don't think I'd want to have KSI as a son."

We see the star on tour, talking briefly about his relationship break-up and family struggles, while also trying to figure out "what's special to me".

Watch the trailer below.

The multi-hyphenate star's rise to fame is the focus of the new 90-minute film, which is executive produced by Louis Theroux.

As per the synopsis: "On the eve of the release of his second album one of the world’s most influential young men, YouTube star KSI, is riding high in his career but running on empty in his private life.

"With over a decade in the spotlight, Olajide Olatunji (JJ to his friends) has defied the odds and scored a series of unexpected victories in the worlds of business, music, and boxing. But success has come at a price – pushing away his parents, fraying his relationship with his girlfriend and falling out with his brother."

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It continues: "In Real Life dives into the origin story of this online icon, his beginnings in Watford, his school failures, and his early adoption of YouTube. As KSI, he perfected a character that connected with kids in bedrooms around the world. But the KSI persona could also be ruthless and single-minded, leaving the man behind the mask lonely and isolated.

KSI. Prime Video

"In the midst of a sell-out UK tour, JJ reaches crisis point. Questioning what love is and whether he is capable of it, he starts to re-evaluate his life, then takes action to repair his relationships with those closest to him.

"With unique and unfiltered access to the global megastar, the film confronts questions about family, fame, the internet, and overcoming trauma. It is both a revealing portrait of the rise of the ultimate influencer and a warts-and-all look at a young man working out who he is while the whole world watches."

KSI: In Real Life launches on Prime Video on Thursday 26th January. Try Amazon Prime Video for free for 30 days.

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