Downton Abbey’s Matthew Goode is presenting a “joyful romp” of a wine show on ITV

Presumably Carson's given him some pointers...


Matthew Goode and Matthew Rhys are presenting a series on wine for ITV. The Downton Abbey and The Americans actors will go on a “joyful romp” around Italy, while wine experts bring back stories and wines from twelve different countries on six continents.


Based in a villa in the Italian countryside, Goode and Rhys, who are self-confessed “enthusiastic novices”, will look at the wines we drink every day with our dinner as well as the world’s fine and fancy stuff.

The show will feature a lot of Rhys and Goode “pootling” around Italy, really enjoying some good grapes – and there’s “not an ounce of snobbishness” involved, promises Goode.

It sounds like The Wine Show will be a treat for vino-drinkers and travel-lovers as well as fans of the actors, who seem incredibly excited about their new job (well you would be, wouldn’t you?).

“My late father elicited my interest in wine, bless him, and it has become a life-long love affair!” says Goode. “Matthew Rhys and I had so much fun pootling around Italy garnering more and more information on this sensational liquid… Actually, the word ‘fun’ doesn’t even really come close. We are all very proud of the show, it’s funny, moving, informative, and Matthew Rhys runs Father Christmas very close on the world’s greatest beard. Mostly though, the series is about wine through and through, and there’s not an ounce of snobbishness, thank goodness.”

While Rhys adds: “I’d never tasted wine before this show, my father always locked it in a cupboard marked ‘Illicit’. As a new fan of wine, I couldn’t endorse it more, it makes any situation fun, although I still have no idea how it’s made. This show will help you buy better, especially for high days, holidays and Christmas, and the beard was fake so that the local Italian vintners didn’t think me to be Oz Clarke! I dare anyone to watch this show and not fall in love with Matthew Goode and wine … in that order.”

Angela Jain, ITV’s Director of Digital Channels and Acquisitions, says: “The show is a joyful romp through wonderful landscapes, tasting great wine, enjoying fantastic food and all in the company of our charming, witty and vivacious hosts, the two Matthews.”


The 13-part series will also star a host of guest chefs, as well as wine experts Joe Fattorini and Amelia Singer and food expert Gizzi Erskine, and will air on ITV later this year.