David Tennant narrates heart-melting footage of a chimp adopting a tiny kitten



If you’re having withdrawal symptoms from Planet Earth II, then fear no more – for a new BBC show called Spy in the Wild is nigh.


Warmly narrated by David Tennant, the series aims to give a first-person view of how animals behave in the wild. Using lifelike robots, the show gives an insight into the secret lives of animals, and captures behaviours that seem to demonstrate grief, friendship and even empathy.

And empathy can certainly be seen in this adorable footage of a chimp adopting a baby kitten that’s been abandoned in the jungle. Watch it and weep.

Over the course of the series, viewers will also see a baby crocodile travelling down a river in the jaws of its mother, a group of monkeys mourning over a robot, and a mother in a pack of African wild dogs protecting her litter from a predatory lioness.


Spy in the Wild begins on BBC1 on Thursday at 8pm