David Attenborough announces new BBC nature series Green Planet

The revered nature presenter returns to BBC One with a new five-part series, focusing on the world's extraordinary plant life

Green Planet

Is the grass always greener on the other side? We’ll soon find out: Sir David Attenborough, the world’s foremost nature documentarian, is set to return to the BBC with a new series called Green Planet, focusing on the world’s plant life.


The series, which will air over five episodes on BBC One next year, will see Attenborough travel to North America, Costa Rica, Croatia and Northern Europe, using ground-breaking filming techniques to explore how plants survive in a diverse range of environments.

Attenborough said: “This is a wonderful opportunity to explore a neglected yet truly remarkable part of the natural world. Once again, the innovative approach of the BBC NHU [Natural History Unit] and groundbreaking technology will reveal new and surprising wonders to the BBC One audience.”

The nature specialist has presented many acclaimed documentary series for the BBC. Earlier this year, he traversed the seven continents of the world for the BBC series Seven Worlds, One Planet, and also hosted a nature series called Our Planet on Netflix, which focused on the devastating effects of climate change.

According to the BBC, Green Planet will see Attenborough meet “the largest living things that have ever existed; trees that care for each other; and plants that breed so fast they could cover the planet in a matter of months.”

The series will utilise the latest developments in robotics, time-lapse photography, super-detail thermal cameras and ultra-high-speed to make the natural world visible to humans in ways never previously seen.

Viewers who prefer their nature documentaries a little more on the animal side won’t be disappointed, however. Green Planet will extensively look at how vegetation impacts the lives and behaviours of many different types of animals – even ourselves!


Green Planet will air on BBC One in the future, with a date yet to be confirmed