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When is David Attenborough’s Seven Worlds, One Planet on BBC One?

The nations's favourite narrator will explore seven continents in a brand new BBC documentary series

seven worlds one planet

Sir David Attenborough will present a new seven-part nature documentary, following the success of Our Planet and the Planet Earth and Blue Planet series.


Promising to show “new species and behaviours” and to tell “unknown, unseen and unexpected wildlife stories” from across the world’s seven continents, Seven Worlds, One Planet will also feature a strong conservational message “at the heart” of every episode as well as lamenting the “tragic, desperate mess” humans have made of our home.

Alongside the stern ecological warning, however, there’ll be plenty of the breathtaking vistas and colourful critters that have become synonymous with an Attenborough documentary.

Attenborough’s team used ground-breaking drone technology to film spectacular habitats from volcanoes to waterfalls, caves and icebergs, over the span of four years.

Here’s everything you need to know about Seven Worlds, One Planet.

seven worlds one planet
Seven Worlds, One Planet

When is Seven Worlds, One Planet on TV?

Seven Worlds, one Planet will kick off on BBC One at 6.15pm on Sunday 27th October.

Viewers will also be able to watch in Ultra-High-Definition (UHD) on BBC iPlayer after each episode is aired.

Is there a trailer for Seven Worlds, One Planet?

The BBC has released this eye-catching preview…

What is Seven Worlds, One Planet about?

“Seven Worlds, One Planet celebrates biodiversity and the variety of life on our planet whilst also shining a spotlight on its challenges,” Attenborough said of the series.

Some of the highlights include a new species of spider “with dance moves that need to be seen to be believed”, and a giant gathering of great whales in Antarctica.

There will also be scenes involving “the world’s most bizarre predator” in the Iranian desert, grave-robbing hamsters in Austria, and polar bears in North America’s Hudson Bay, who employ a never-before-seen hunting strategy to snare some beluga whales.

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How many episodes does Seven Worlds, One Planet have?

Seven Worlds, One Planet will have seven episodes in total, airing weekly, with each episode focusing on a different continent.

The first episode takes us to the freezing cold of Antarctica, where only the most resilient creatures can survive.

Seals, starfish and king penguins all feature in the episode which provides a glimpse at the devastating effects of global warming on one of the Earth’s most precarious ecosystems.

How was it filmed?

In order to capture the footage seen in Seven Worlds, One Planet, the documentary team embarked on 92 film shoots in over 40 different countries, using boundary-defying drone techniques to capture the world from unique perspectives. More than 1,500 people globally were involved in the series’ production.

At a special screening of the first episode to an audience of 400 schoolchildren, BBC Director General Tony Hall said: “Seven Worlds, One Planet embodies the qualities that have become synonymous with the work of our Natural History Unit in Bristol. The team are true pioneers – they have an insatiable curiosity to discover new things.


“Since Planet Earth II we’ve been doing one a year – and we’ll continue to do that running up to 2023. We’ve never had that scale of ambition before and no other broadcaster in the world comes close to that kind of commitment to the natural world.”