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Brexitcast to become a TV series

The award-winning BBC podcast presented by Laura Kuenssberg is moving to BBC1

Published: Thursday, 13th June 2019 at 12:38 pm

The BBC's award-winning podcast Brexitcast is being turned into a BBC1 series, airing on Thursday nights and featuring the original presenting line-up. It marks the first time that a BBC podcast has been made into a television show.


Political Editor Laura Kuenssberg, Europe Editor Katya Adler, Europe Correspondent Adam Fleming, and Political Correspondent Chris Mason will all reprise their podcast presenter roles, discussing Brexit and Westminster gossip and trivia from wherever they are in the world, linking in to BBC's Westminster studio.

The series, which will air at 11.30pm on Thursday nights from September, will continue as a podcast, "making the hugely successful BBC podcast into a visual event as well as an audio one".

Brexitcast presenter Fleming recently hit headlines with his hilarious ASMR version of the withdrawal agreement, complete with the sound of him quietly munching on a croissant.

Of the podcast's move to television, Kuenssberg says: "Who says no one’s interested in politics?! Brexitcast has grown and grown because our audience loves and deserves detailed explanations of enormous events, but likes a bit of devilment too.

"It’s an absolute thrill to bring the show to BBC1, and a privilege to invite the legendary and committed This Week audience to join us, following on from Andrew, the supreme late-night host."

Dino Sofos, Series Editor, says: "Our nerdy podcast has been on an incredible journey, but we never thought that BBC One would come knocking! We’re over the moon that a bigger audience will now be able to find out about Adam’s Brexit binders and I’m really excited to be following in the footsteps of other podcasts including The Ricky Gervais Show and My Dad Wrote A Porno in making the move to the small screen.


"Crucially though, making a TV version of the podcast doesn’t mean the format will change… after all, Brexitcast means Brexitcast.”


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