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BBC Brexitcast has made a beautifully relaxing ASMR-style version of the Brexit deal

Watch Brussels reporter Adam Fleming whispering the withdrawal agreement – you won’t regret it

Published: Wednesday, 27th March 2019 at 2:53 pm

Merely mentioning the word “Brexit” is usually enough to send much of the British public, on both the Remain and Leave sides of the debate, into a state of apoplectic rage – that is, until now.


Because BBC Radio 5 Live’s Brexitcast has made the impossible possible: it has made Brexit relaxing.

How? By posting a video of Brussels reporter Adam Fleming whispering his way through the withdrawal agreement before munching on a croissant, obviously.

ASMR – which stands for Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response – has become a popular way for many people to relieve stress in recent years, with YouTubers attracting millions of hits with videos focused on the trend.

The videos, in which hosts can often be seen whispering while stroking, brushing and scratching various objects, are said to provoke a “static-like or tingling sensation” for viewers.

In this case, Fleming presents a ring-binder containing all 599 pages of the withdrawal agreement.

“First of all, it’s in this lovely yellow folder made of cardboard,” he whispers, drumming his fingers on the document. “Can you hear that?”


Fleming then opens the folder and begins to flick through the paper, before reading out some of his favourite parts and munching on a croissant. Mmmm...


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