Nature lovers, look no further. We've rounded up the best nature and natural history documentaries that Netflix has to offer, including its brand new series Our Planet, narrated by David Attenborough.


Check out what's available to watch right now.


Netflix's Oscar-nominated documentary about the struggle to control Congo's rich natural resources. Virunga pays tribute to the people dedicating their lives to persevering Virunga National Park and its mountain gorillas against all odds — while exposing how rich ecosystems and parks like Virunga can become battlegrounds for governments, and sites of corruption. Watch on Netflix


Netflix's heartwarming dogumentary follows six intimate tales about the emotional bond between humans and their dogs, including the stories of service dog Rory, Syrian refugee husky Zeus, and an Italian fisherman’s Labrador called Ice.

Released back in November 2018, the show immediately got tails wagging, with viewers taking to social media to post pictures and videos of their own dogs watching Dogs. Watch on Netflix

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Our Planet

From the makers of Planet Earth and Blue Planet comes a groundbreaking look at the world we live in: the problems the natural world faces, the solutions to fix those issues, and examples of complete rehabilitation.

From the deepest oceans and the wildebeest migrations in Africa, to the wolves living in Chernobyl's forests, the series — narrated by David Attenborough — promises to take viewers on a journey through different biological realms. Watch on Netflix from 5th April 2019


Blackfish is a film that investigates the consequences of keeping orcas or 'killer whales' in captivity, and its impact is still being felt years after it was first released.

The film follows the story of one orca, Tilikum, who was involved in the deaths of three people, including lead SeaWorld Orlando trainer Dawn Brancheau. Watch on Netflix

Planet Earth I and II

First released in 2006, the BBC's award-winning series Planet Earth transformed the way viewers saw the natural world. The broadcaster raised the bar even higher ten years later with Planet Earth II. Watch on Netflix

Blue Planet

Blue Planet II BBC

The BBC takes a deep dive into our underwater surroundings and the life teeming below the planet's seas. Form the mighty blue whale with a heart the size of a car, to dancing dolphins and bizarre creatures living right at the bottom of the ocean, take a deep breath and plunge into an unimaginable underwater world. Watch on Netflix

Last Chance To See

What's better than a documentary starring Stephen Fry? A documentary in which Stephen endures tropical storms, camps (spoiler: he hasn't camped since he was 16 — well, "only in the homosexual sense"), goes for long stints without his beloved WiFi, and travels the globe on the look out for endangered animals with the help of zoologist Mark Carwardine. Watch on Netflix

Frozen Planet

As the ice caps melt and our 'Frozen Planet' feels the full force of climate change, this timely BBC documentary from the makers of Blue Planet and Planet Earth journeys through the Arctic and Antarctic, following the lives of remarkable creatures that have adapted to survive in the harshest of climates, from polar bears to walruses, seals, wolves to penguins. Watch on Netflix


Explore the myriad weird and wonderful ways animals have adapted to live on their corner of planet Earth with this BBC series. Over four years in the making and the cumulation of over 3,000 filming days around the globe, it's again narrated by the legendary David Attenborough. Watch on Netflix

Wild Japan

Despite its growing industries, human populations, tsunamis and earthquakes, Japan is a source of natural treasure, like the red crowned cranes (above), which were on the verge of extinction at the end of the last century. Watch on Netflix


The BBC series explores the immense continent of Africa, from harsh deserts to lush savannahs and the deepest jungles, on the prowl for all manner of creatures, from lions to dung beetles. David Attenborough narrates and presents on location. As he explains: "There's nowhere in the world where wildlife puts on a greater show." Watch on Netflix

The Tigers of Scotland

You'd been forgiven for thinking that wild cats were the preserve of Africa or India — but there is a critically endangered feline species a lot closer to home. Scotland's native wild cats face a huge number of threats — mostly stemming from humans — and this series sets out to educate viewers about these rare (and remarkably cute) animals. Watch on Netflix

Walking with Dinosaurs

The special effects might seem a little bit dated now, but the landmark Walking With Dinosaurs was truly cutting edge back when it was released in 1999.


This Emmy-winning series brings the Jurassic, Cretaceous and Triassic period to life with CGI recreations of dinosaurs, showing the world through the eyes of specific herds and individual dinosaurs. Acclaimed actor and director Kenneth Branagh narrates. Watch on Netflix