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Amazon: What They Know About Us on BBC One - everything you need to know

Panorama investigates the company which has become a corporate superpower

Published: Monday, 17th February 2020 at 3:50 pm

Amazon is a company that many of us struggle to go a week without using, but as its dominance continues to grow, questions have been asked about its influence and ethics.


This Panorama documentary delves into what exactly Amazon know about us, as well as what they're using that information for, with interviews from senior employees both former and current.

Here's everything you need to know about Amazon: What They Know About Us...

What is Amazon: What They Know About Us about?

The Panorama investigation delves into the multinational company's rise to corporate superpower, asking whether there is a dark side to the public's love affair with the firm. Former high-level insiders reveal that its customer obsession has led to a huge data-gathering operation, enabling the company to use what it knows about us to shape not only the future of retail, but the workplace and technology too.

It's not all dystopian-like predictions, however. The programme also hears from senior executives who say the company is a force for good.


When is Amazon: What They Know About Us on TV?

Panorama's Amazon: What They Know About Us airs on BBC One at 8:30pm on Monday 17th February 2020. It will be available to watch on iPlayer after broadcast.


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