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Dave Bautista drops major Thor: Love and Thunder hint

Will Drax be back?

Published: Friday, 14th May 2021 at 12:01 am

Dave Bautista recently said that Guardians of the Galaxy vol. 3 will "probably be the end" for his character, Drax.


But what about upcoming Marvel film, Thor: Love and Thunder?

Speaking on tomorrow night's episode of The Jonathan Ross Show via video link, Bautista says he "can neither confirm nor deny" rumours that he'll appear in the movie.

“It’s so weird," he tells Ross. "It's one of those things I can neither confirm nor deny. By coincidence I was on a jet with the rest of the Guardians, with Chris Pratt who can confirm, and did confirm. But we were there together. And then we travelled Australia together. And we went and quarantined together. And then we all left at the same time, by coincidence. So yeah there is a possibility.”

A possibility, eh? Sounds hopeful.

Bautista also talks to Ross about his new film Army of the Dead, dropping next week on Netflix, and how he's happy to avoid the dangerous stunts these days. "I like to do action and fights, but I've paid my dues in wrestling," he says. "There's stuff way over my head and possibly life threatening - I’m happy to step aside and let my stunt double [do it]!”

For obvious reasons, Bautista wasn't able to be in the studio for the chat show, and he tells Ross he misses the UK, for a hilarious chicken-based reason. “I miss London, the energy of the city, Nando’s… I love the Nando’s. I’m in there two or three times a day whenever I’m in London."


To see the full interview with Dave Bautista tune into The Jonathan Ross Show on Saturday 15th May at 9:35pm on ITV. To find out what's on telly tonight, check out our TV Guide.


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